Yay Website!

Well, over 2000 years after the birth of Christ, and St. Matthew’s has got a website! [Can I get a hallelujah! ...and maybe a woot woot!]

I think it’s really exciting and opens up lots of neat new possibilities for ways to interact; to create and define what a community is and what OUR community is. Now, a few tips for those not overly hip with these here intertubes and social media stuff:

When commenting, I suggest you use just a first name, or some sort of nickname rather than your full name. Aside from the email address in the comment field (which will not be publicly displayed and is used to validate you are a bona fide human, and so we can reach you to follow up on a comment if necessary) please be careful not to include an email address or phone number or other specific identifying info on a comment.

The internet remembers FOREVER and, without some precautions, in one quick search somebody could find out where you live, where you work, your thoughts and opinions on all sorts of things you should be allowed to pick and choose who you share with. We all tell different bits of ourselves to different people, our friends, extended family, employers and co-workers. A little attention now means you will still be able to chose what part of your life you share with whom. (if you want a good example, just google “Valerie Roney” and see how much stuff comes up from my few years active with my website and other social media stuff – including that time I got drunk on kefir!)

Okay, boring safe rules aside, you can help this website grow by linking to it on your facebook pages, blogs, tweets, whatever else you’re doing online. It’s called the web for a reason: it’s a matrix of interconnected threads of sites and links and people, and every time you link back to this site you build our connections out there and make it easier for people to find it.

And the part I’m really jazzed about: these blog posts! This web site isn’t just a static place to get information, but a place where we can have conversations, connect outside of church and connect with people who don’t even get to church! I’m really excited about this part ’cause it means I’ll get to be able to be included in some of the ideas presented in Clint’s sermons even when I’m not able to get there to have my bum in the pew, plus I get to hear what the sermon got you all thinking about too!

That’s right, we’re gonna drag Clint into the 21st century! Kicking and screaming perhaps, but we’ll get him blogging and hip with this here interweb fardooly thingamabob. And there’s lots of other neat things we could be doing on here as it evolves and expands: Google events calendar, flickr photo albums, twitter feed, maybe even audio files of Sunday service with sermon and/or choir. All those things take people to keep them active and updated, as well as simple things like event notices and volunteer opportunity updates on here.

So if you too would like to learn more about websites and online stuff, let me know and I can show you the ropes and get you swinging! — can you swing on the web, or do you just crawl carefully and try not to get hung up in the sticky bits? I may have over-mixed my metaphors…

No matter, point being, it’s big old world out here in cyberspace, with lots of cool stuff to discover and cool people to connect with. It’s fun, it’s inspiring, and easy enough to navigate once you get a feel for it.

Yay website!

About Valerie Roney

Really dig conversations. There's lots of cool ones going on in my website - poetic, silly, sublime... love to hear from you! http://valerieroney.ca/
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3 Responses to Yay Website!

  1. Oh, and if you’re just now noticing: “Hey Valerie, YOU’VE got your full name on here” – that’s cause I’m choosing to be a public figure on the internet. It does mean I’m extra mindful of what I put out there …and my phone number is unlisted!

  2. LM says:

    Hey St. Matt’s – welcome to the (ahem) 20th century!

  3. Loris says:

    This new website is wonderful!

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