Education Events at St. Matt’s – Shakespeare and Evolution of the Bible

Event details

  • October 16, 2017
  • 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • 2035 26A St. SW, Calgary, AB, T3E 2B9
  • 403-249-1721

Much Ado About Nothing – Starting Monday October 16th, 10am; Narthex

A comedy from the middle of the playwright’s career, it is assumed to have been performed for the first time at in the very last years of the 17th century. Wayne’s approach for this seminar is to use the play as the first of three that will explore theme of jealousy, the sixth of the seven deadly sins.  Shakespeare’s send-up, as the best comedies do, hold a mirror up to our very human nature. Wayne invites us to dive into these warm Mediterranean waters to explore how much there is to learn about “nothing.”

In the New Year, Wayne will continue exploring the theme of Jealousy, first with the tragedy of Othello, and then the comedy/romance of The Winter’s Tale. Take the opportunity and hear to Wayne’s enthusiastic explorations of the Bard.

Evolution of the Bible Part 1 – Starting Monday, October 16th, 7:30pm, Sanctuary

A bit of truth-telling here: studies have shown that members of mainline churches, including the United Church, aren’t all that comfortable when it comes to the core document of our faith. Perhaps we are worried that we might come across as judgemental or even fundamentalist if we actively talk about the Bible.

The truth is, the history of the Bible is far more complex, and far more interesting than any big-haired preacher makes it out to be. The reality is that the Bible evolved as a document, and the story of that development is worth exploring. Rather than parking one’s brain at the door, this is a chance to come and explore how this collection of ancient near-eastern writings became the most influential piece of literature in the development of western society. As an introduction to Biblical scholarship, we will be exploring the techniques that scholars used, and what they have learned from it.

Part 1 is in reference to Hebrew Scriptures, what we commonly call “The Old Testament” although even that definition itself requires some nuance. Part 2 will be offered in the New Year, exploring the development of the New Testament.