A Teaser for October 21: Truth and Peace

A wealthy sheikh died who had 2 sons eligible to receive his estate.  His will stipulated that the son whose prize horse gets to Mecca last will get his whole estate.  The sons saddle their horses and set off for Mecca.  As the day progresses, they go slower and slower, unwilling to let each other get behind.  When they arrive at an oasis, they stop and are feeling total despair.  They know that neither one will ever get to Mecca because neither will let the other finish second.  A Sufi master going by stopped and asked them why they were looking so sad.  They poured out their story and their belief that they will never get to Mecca.  The Sufi master said one short sentence, and they hopped on the horses and rode as fast as they could for Mecca.  What did he say?  Find out on Sunday. 

Truth is a necessary component of peace-making.  Our perceptions of reality and our failures to trust often get in the way.

I owe everyone a small apology.  I was working on services for both the 21 and the 28th.  This post is actually the beginning of the message for October 28.  The theme for the 21st is Turning the World Upside Down.


  1. David Cook says


    I am David J.H.Cook a former minister at St.Matthew’s 1971 – 1990 who obviously preceded Clint.

    I am now living at White Rock, BC. I want to thank you for your new approach to ministry…e-mailing your weekly meditation. A great idea I must say…and paperless too!

    Over the past few months I find myself fulfulling the”Riddle of The Sphinx” otherwise I am basically unchanged. I keep in touch with things by doing study a group at a couple of Seniors Lodges.

    I pray you will enjoy your ministry at St.Matthew’s as much as I did and as Clint has done since then

    God Bless,



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