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April 13 Palm Sunday: Real Power

Our readings for April 13 are from the Gospel according to Matthew: 21:1-11 and 26:14 — 27:26. In the first reading, Jesus enters Jerusalem to the cheers of a crowd. The second reading includes the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, the arrest, the trials and the conviction. Matthew 27:27 – 66 will be part of the service for Good Friday.

The crowd on Palm Sunday recognized the power that Jesus had. The authorities who tried, sentenced and executed him thought their power was greater, but they were wrong. Their parts in history are footnotes to his history. In apparent weakness, he and his followers set a process of transformation in place that continues to transform the world. He saw the world and the people in it as they are: the leaders saw the world as they wanted to, not as it was. He lived from a position of deep, persistent love; they lived from a position of playing power games, of using power over others.

Love and passion are real power: power that can seemingly arise from nowhere like an earthquake; power that brings and nurtures life.

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