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April 6 Power for Action

The readings for this Sunday include Ezekiel 37:1-14 (The Valley of Dry Bones), Psalm 130, Romans 8:6-11, and John 11:1-45 (Raising of Lazarus).

There are places that provide caring homes for people with leprosy in India because the love and passion of a tiny Albanian nun for the poorest of the poor found a way to make them a reality. There are homes around the world that provide community and family for people with severe learning disabilities because the son of a governor general had a deep love for these people who were, and often still are, abandoned to places of isolation, and his love found a way to make these homes a reality. L’ Arche communities are now destinations for people looking for meaningful ways to make a difference in this world through love for others.

The Iron Curtain was maintained by weapons of war and acts that amounted to terrorism of the people, and it collapsed as the determination of ordinary people, meeting through their faith communities, to claim their freedom found ways to make it a reality.

Through God, we have access to the power needed for action that really makes a difference. Thanks be to God.

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