A Partner in Community

St. Matthew’s United Church is an active partner with many community organizations, and we seek to develop our connections with various groups in Killarney/Glengarry, and throughout Calgary. This partnership takes on various forms, from hosting various groups within our facility, to activities that our congregation participates in to improve our neighbourhood and city. Partnership and presence are our keywords when making connections with the people around us, after all the people who consider St. Matthew’s their spiritual home are also part of the wider community.

The following is a list of several community organizations that St. Matthew’s is in partnership with:

  • Festival Chorus
  • Calgary Community String Orchestra
  • Amici Strings
  • Several 12 Step Programs
  • Acadia Place
  • Calgary Drop-in Centre
  • Kriyayoga
  • Iaido – 居合道 – A form of Japanese Martial Arts