What brings a community to life are the hearts and hands of the people in it. Share your enthusiasm and spirit!

Thrift Shop Staff

The Thrift Shop is in need of a volunteer or two who would like to help out in our thrift store, sorting incoming donations, organizing the shop, and making sales. A great opportunity to help people, find hidden treasures, and connect with the community. Volunteer for a Wednesday morning and/or afternoon, or Saturdays 11am – 2pm.

Please speak to Dorothy or contact the office if you have some spare time to help out. Thank you!

Prayer Shawl and Chemo-Cap Knitters

Old man knittingWould you like to put a little love into your knitting projects? Our Shawl and Chemo-Cap Knitters are always looking for extra hands to create caps and shawls to present to those going through difficult times. We present these items to the Children’s Hospital and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, as well as to any individual needing some love and support (and something cosy to boot!). For more details on how you can help talk to Doris Whittingham, or contact the office.