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Courage to Doubt April 7, 2013 John

It is far easier to not think about things, to just accept whatever is told to us.  Questioning the status quo risks attacks from others and the need to make changes in our own lives.  According to an earlier story in John, Thomas was the most courageous of the disciples, the quickest to join Jesus in facing danger.  When the other disciples told him the bizarre story about Jesus visiting them on his resurrection day, he had enough courage to openly doubt their story.

A lot of evil happens in this world because people do not dare to ask pertinent questions or demand credible answers.  The Church, in the past, committed many evil actions because no one dared to question its leaders.  And a lot of waste due to the failure of people to ask good questions that could have prompted better ways of doing things.

So, stealing a few words from Dead Dog Café, be brave, watch for the sign, and dare to notice and question and wonder.

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