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Early Christianity: The First 1,000 Years

This seminar is an introduction to and exploration of the development of Christianity from an obscure mystery offshoot of Judaism to the dominant religious tradition in Europe. The time period covers Christianity’s origins in the “New Testament” period of the First Century, and up to but not including the First Crusade in the late 11th Century.

As a seminar format, participants are welcome to come and learn about the history of the early origins of Christianity. While it is a broad overview, my hope is to dispel some common misconceptions. This course will take a critical in-depth look. While this will be a warts-and-all course, my hope is to set the development of this major faith tradition into the political and social setting in which it developed.

No pre-reading is necessary, but participants are welcome to read Justo Gonazales’ A History of Christianity. Volume 1.

This seminar is Part 1 of a 2-part seminar. Part 2 will deal with the Crusades that started in the 11th Century. It will not be necessary to attend Part 1 in order to attend Part 2Location: Sanctuary at St. Matthew’s United Church

Address: 2035 – 26a St. SW, Calgary, AB

Phone: 403-249-1721

Dates: Mondays starting October 17, 2016 at 7:15pm for five to six sessions as necessary. This will not include Halloween, as I have kids that will need my attention that night!Note: The Sanctuary is accessible via a lift located near the office doors. Please contact me if you will need assistance.Size: No formal minimum or maximum, the meeting space is the Church Sanctuary, which is Wheelchair accessible via lift.

Drop ins are welcome.The Rev. John Crowdis has been serving as the minister at St. Matthew’s United Church since July of 2014. A graduate of the Vancouver School of Theology, John is enthusiastic about bringing university-level Biblical scholarship and history in a way that is accessible to everyone.

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