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The Dead Sea Scrolls – An Introduction and Investigation

Steeped in mystique, the very name “Dead Sea Scrolls” give an air of ancient long-lost secrets. Since their discovery in 1947, they have shed new light in the fields of archaeology, paleography, history, biblical scholarship, and the development of religious traditions in the ancient Middle East.

Over five formal and one informal session starting on May 9, 2016, this course will provide an introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls, the history of the discovery, what was found and where, exploring who wrote the scrolls, and the impact these manuscripts have had today.

As a seminar format, participants are welcome to come an learn about  the history of the discovery of the scrolls, their physical appearance and development, the geopolitical implications of their discovery both in current times as well as what they teach of the social, political, and religious makeup around the 2nd Century BCE to 2nd Century CE.

Course Materials

No pre-reading is necessary, but participants are welcome to read the latest version of Gesa Vermes’ “The Dead Sea Scrolls in English” to delve into the actual content of some of the scrolls.

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