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Evolutionary Christianity, Darwin, and Divinity

In preparation for the book study group on Saturday morning, I compiled notes to provide to participants.  There are challenging issues presented in each chapter of Darwin, Divinity and the Dance of the Cosmos.

Chapter 1:  Is there a spritual dimension to reality?

Does the universe need to be aware of itself?

To what degree are we blind to the beauty of creation?

Do what degree are we  in need to coming home in our minds and hearts to the Cosmos?

Do we need to evolve in terms of faith?

Chapter 2:

has the universe lost its enchantment for us?

How do we mark out the continuum between undissociated, dissociated, and disconnected?

How is disconnection bad?

What does it mean to say we are whole/parts all the way down and all the way up?

Who determines what has value?

Chapter 3:

Is it valid to believe that, if people understood how closely connected they are to the rest of creation, they would show more respect and empathy for creation?

A common claim by physicists is that incredibly small differences at the time of the big bang could have meant non-existence for the universe.  Is it possible that the matter that survived the first fractions of a second determined the properties of matter?

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