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Filled with Hope on May 12, 2013

The last two chapters of Revelations presents wonderful images to give hope to the author’s readers in a time of persecution and uncertainty.  Most mothers enter motherhood with great hopes for their children.  Most people undertake great projects on the base of great hope.

We live in a time dominated by the pedlars of fear, despair, anger, hatred and feelings of inadequacy.  A crucial task for all religions, and especially for those who follow Jesus involves proclaiming Good News, hope for the nations, grounded in a realistic appraisal of what is, and what can be.  For a society showing signs of brokenness in homelessness, wars, hunger, and the marginalizing of many people, we see it also has great material resources, talents and creativity, and the opportunity to offer a path of fulfillment for everyone.

May we have the wisdom, courage, and grace to pursue this path of hope.

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