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God and Disasters

Disasters have caused great pain since the start of this summer.  Just as summer officially started June 21, floods in Alberta and India caused great losses. A runaway set of rail cars two weeks later caused terrible destruction in Lac Megantic, Quebec.  Toronto then experienced its own flooding. Landslides, tropical storms, and earthquakes continue to cause destruction and loss of life.   Many people ask where God is at times like these, and a variety of answers are offered.  All we can be sure of is that God is present in the care and help being offered, and in the courage and hope that are necessary for the work of building new lives and new normal.  Most of the claims that have been made in the past, and likely to be made in the future, are human speculation.

Instead of asking where God is at times like this, we need to ask how particular events have affected us, and what we can do to build new normal for our lives, and to help others build new normal for their lives.  We can also take time to strengthen our sense of connection to God so that we have more water in our emotional and spiritual wells to draw on for ourselves and to share with others.   Feeling connected to God strengthens our connections to one another and to the world around us.  And it is in our connections that we will find the strength and wisdom we need to move forward from devastating events.

May God’s Spirit encourage and guide everyone whose lives have been impacted by disaster.

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