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Growing in Holiness

Holiness to me means being like God, and includes wholeness.  Becoming like God requires experiencing manifestations of God in our lives and in the world around us. These manisfestations includes interpretations of experiences of God by hundreds of people over thousands of years, such as those included in the Bible.  For many like me, the natural world reveals qualities of God, especially in the processes in nature.  Our relationships with other people reveal God’s presence at times, maybe always without our awareness of God’s touch on those relationships much of the time.

As we notice revelations of God’s presence and qualities, growing in holiness requires celebrating God’s presence.  We do this in worship and prayer, and in embracing those experiences.  Bathing one’s self in joy while canoeing along a quiet shoreline, inhaling excitement while standing at the top of a ski slope, digging deeply into contentment and dreams while gardening, embracing friends at a party can be ways of celebrating God’s presence if they include a feeling of great gratitude for God for those opportunities.

For the first five Sundays in Lent, I will be including an examination of the part of the New Creed about being called to be the Church, and begin with the importance of celebrating God’s presence.  May your journey through Lent include many opportunities for celebrating God’s presence in your life.

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