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Holiday Reflection

And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done.Genesis 2:2

I am not on holidays, at least not yet. Because of an odd bit of scheduling for a wedding, I am not officially starting my holidays until this Friday, August 21st. It means I am here in the office preparing for a wedding on August 5th and worship on Sunday, August 6th, even though it is mid-July.

Still, I know that many of you are taking time off for a well-deserved break. Vacation time isn’t optional amidst all the busy we find ourselves in. The concept of “Sabbath” or more specifically “rest” is hard-baked into our faith tradition, and yet it is something we don’t pay as much attention to as we should. Whether it is a weekly day of rest, or a block of time to allow us to unwind, and allow ourselves to recharge and refresh ourselves.

Up until this point, many of you have been working hard to make summer events like this past Sunday’s Stampede Breakfast such a resounding success. There are things still happening throughout the summer. We have a dedicated search team who are interviewing people this week for our new choir director. There are still a lot of things happening through these summer months. Still, I think it important that we do take time to rest, as there is a lot going on. I am very enthusiastic for what is to come in September. I am looking forward to coming into it refreshed and renewed for what God is calling St. Matthew’s to be.

Yours in Christ,




Upcoming Summer and Early Fall Events:

  • Vinyl Record Sale: Lonnie Taylor and Shannon McClennan-Taylor are hosting a Vinyl Record Sale on Saturday, August 26th from 11-4 in Fitzgerald Hall. This is an event that is wide-open to the public, and promises to have all kinds of special finds for those who enjoy the feel, sound, or the art of collecting vinyl records. Please contact Shannon McClennan-Taylor ( for more information.
  • Bench Building Group – Did you see that multi-coloured bench outside of our south door? The Rev. Jim Kenney built that for us, and is now wanting to share that passion for building with anyone who is interested. This group will be a short-term event with flexible timing starting after August 8th. If you’re interested, please contact Jim ( for more information.
  • Outdoor Family Movie Night: Yes, we are going there! On Saturday, September 23rd, St. Matthew’s is hosting an outdoor movie event on our lawn. While we are still waiting confirmation, at this point in time the film has been narrowed to about three recent titles. Please mark your calendar!

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