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Humiliation of the Church

At a leadership workshop yesterday, the presenter used the term, “humiliation of the church”.  This referred to the close to complete loss of status for churches in today’s society along with reports of abuse and corruption within churches.

This humiliation provides an opportunity for church leaders and members to let go of  stuff that was desired or necessary in the past, to offer a genuine apology to the rest of the world about how we messed up badly in many ways, and to step into the future God prepares for us.   When we are able to stop defending the honour of the church, we will be able to move on to the mission for the church offered by God.

We can learn how to be a real healing presence in the world.  We can work on making our church spaces genuinely welcoming to  everyone led our way by the Spirit.  We can offer joy, hope and love in abundance along with opportunities for others to offer their gifts to the places and people where they are needed.

The humiliation of the church has freed the church to be what God means for it to be.

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