June 23, 2013: Disruptive Healing

The reading for June 23 is Luke 8:26-39, the story of Jesus casting demons out of the possessed man, the outcome of which included the residents telling Jesus to scram — after losing their herd of pigs and have the possessed man become normal, they did not want to risk any more disruption to their community.

A huge challenge for individuals trying to fix their lives is resistance by family and friends to their attempts at change.  Once people get used to a situation, even a bad situation, it seems many people would rather stay with the known than risk the unknown.  The failure to recognize this  aspect of human relationships is a source of failure by many people in trying to fix situations.

This leaves us with two questions.  How can we connect with the people in a situation that will help them choose and use a path to making their lives better?  What needs to happen inside of us that will help us accept helpful changes in our systems of relationships?


  1. Lynda says

    Love the title!

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