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Kantorei Food Bank Concert

Great music!  Inspiring and enjoyable music! Exciting and exceptionally gifted musicians.  Left hoping to use “When you need a Friend” in a service at some time.  Unfortunately it conflicted with one of the nicest September 30ths in a long-time weather-wise, so a lot of people missed out on an afternoon of wonderful music.

This benefit concert for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank at the Jubilee Auditorium was organized by David Ferguson and Mount Royal Kantorei, an adult choral group.  They were joined by several outstanding groups and musicians.

The Calgary Stampede Show Band opened the concert and joined with Kantorei and the Spiritus Chamber Choir for the singing of “O Canada”.    They also did a couple of other numbers which were visually interesting as well as musically enjoyable.

A Band of Outriders, another band under the Calgary Stampede umbrella with drums, guitars and brass instruments, combined complex choreography, music, and enormous enthusiasm for the pieces they did and the ones they did with the Heebee-Jeebees.  The Heebee-Jeebees, which included a tall turkey, blended gifted acappella singing with humour in their entertaining pieces.  D. B. Morton shared three beautiful songs in three very different styles backed by his guitar, and is the one who left me thinking “If you need a friend” would be very appropriate in a church service.

The Calgary Children’s Choir did a couple of opening pieces and sang with Kantorei and Spiritus Chamber Choir in some closing pieces.  Spiritus Chamber Choir added some pieces in their own style.  Kantorei shared in leading some hymns and in other songs with Spiritus Chamber Choir.

The mix of music, the enthusiasm of the performers, and the desire to make a real difference in the lives of people needing food from time to time combined to make the concert a memorable experience.

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