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Love Leads the Way November 11, 2012

Our scripture reading will be selected verses from the Book of Ruth.  In this book we read of Ruth’s love for her mother-in-law, and how that love was the start of a story that leads to King David.  On Remembrance Day, as we consider the horrendous costs of war and the failure of force of arms to secure peace, let us consider stories where self-giving love opened doors to the healing of relationships and the establishment of peace, and stories where that process is under way and still fragile.

We are grateful for the willingness of cadets from the Undaunted Cadet Corps to join us in our celebration of Remembrance Day.

Our stewardship theme this week is faithfulness to the directions of Jesus to love one another as he loved us.  May love given and love received abundantly bless your life this coming week and after.

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