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March 9 First Sunday in Lent: Open to Power

The readings for this Sunday are Psalm 32, Matthew 4:1-11, and Romans 5:1-19.

My theme for Lent this year is “Power For: Receiving and Using” –> When we open ourselves to God, we can receive power for making a positive difference in the world. The first step is allowing ourselves to be open to receiving power from God, and this is a dangerous decision. When we open ourselves to God, our lives change, whether we want them to or not. The rewards include a variety of unpredictable blessings and a mix of persistent joy and inner satisfaction. Jesus, first by his baptism, and then by going into the wilderness, demonstrated his willingness to being open to God. The temptations he faced are temptations we continue to face: serving our own goals; seeking fame and adulation; and seeking power over other people, even if it means compromising our values. His answers can be our answers as we face these temptations. I hope Lent may be a time when you consider the choices you make, the costs of those choices, and what you need to live right with yourself.

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