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May 5/ Cinquo de Mayo Filled with Purpose

In Acts 16, we read more of Paul’s evangelical activities and their consequences.  He faced enormous risks, challenges, and painful consequences for his work as an evangelist, but for him it was all worth it as he was filled with a purpose that overruled everything else in his life.

People like Paul remake the world in many ways because their sense of purpose carries them through hardships and challenges.  The ones like Paul with commitments to making the world better for others become our heroes. Those people fueled by greed, anger, fear, or hatred become our villains.

Often critical events spur the adoption of a purpose that can dominate our lives, if we ever do adopt a life-demanding purpose.  For Paul, it was the encounter with the risen Jesus on the road to Damascus.  Other times we grow into them, if we adopt one at all, and we can grow out of them.

For organizations to survive and thrive, they need a dominating purpose which drives all of their decisions and actions.  Organizations without such purpose tend to wander and dither.  For churches, this dominating purpose needs to relate to love of God and/or love of others in a very focused way.

Do you have a dominating purpose for your life?  How has it affected your life?  What primary purpose would you suggest for churches in general, or for St. Matthew’s in particular?

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