Meditation in the Park

We will be holding our last meditation session for the summer on Sunday June 9th, 3-5pm. If it ever stops raining we enjoy some fresh air and sunshine by meeting in the greenspace just south of the Good Companions Activity Centre (one block east of St Matthew’s).

So bring a blanket to sit on and snackies to share. We will try and find some shade, but bringing a sunhat or sunglasses to shade your eyes would make your meditation more comfortable if you end up with sun in your face. (and maybe some bug repellent if the wee beasties thrive after all this rain)

Again, these are stand alone, drop-in sessions. If you haven’t joined us before there’s no reason not to now. I’ll give any newcomers a wee primer and off we go! (um… by sitting still that is)

So why not start your summer off right by enjoying sun and sky, and sitting still listening to all those sounds you never stop to hear.


If the weather is foul and it looks like we’ll get rained on, we’ll meet in the library as per usual.


  1. Valerie Roney says

    Looks like chances are in favour of sunshine and very little rain so we’re a GO for sitting in the park!

    If it does turn out to rain between 3 -5pm we will meet in the library as usual.

    Info on our usual location if you are a newcomer:

    • Valerie Roney says

      Oh Boo!

      I really thought the rain would hold off til evening. It is no fun sitting on cold wet grass, even if this rain does let up by 3pm. So we will DEFINITELY BE MEETING IN THE LIBRARY for meditation today.

      Hope you have been out to enjoy the sunshine the moments we do get it!

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