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New Initiatives at St. Matthew’s

In addition to a new worship service, we are considering testing other initiatives.

    Games Nights and Afternoons

We are planning Games Nights for March 28, April 25, and May 30 for 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. I would like to know if there is interest in a Games Afternoon, or even a regular Euchre or Bridge gathering. Last year’s experience suggests that once a month is about right for the Games Night with ping pong, board games and card games. We still might be adding a foosball table and/or a ping pong table. If you are interested in a Games Afternoon, please reply with information about which afternoons and how often you would like these to happen.

    Weekly St. Matt’s Coffee Klatch

We are in the process of converting the nursery to a multi-purpose room suited for gatherings of up to 10 people, and would like to set a time each week for people from the community and the church to visit, have discussions or even occasional special presentations by guest speakers. If you are interested, please reply indicating when each week day you would prefer this to happen.

    Worship Anticipation Discussion Group

I would like to meet Tuesday or Wednesday morning or afternoon to discuss the chosen readings for the coming Sunday. This would probably be about 1 to 1.5 hours each week. If you are interested, please reply.

Breakfast Prayer Group

I would like a weekly prayer group that met for breakfast. There are a variety of options from A & W or McDonalds in Westhills to some of the breakfast eateries in Marda Loop. Please reply if you are interested with your preferences for day of the week and place to meet and eat.

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