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October 20, 2013: Faith Matters

Our main reading for this Sunday is Luke 17:1-19, a collection of stories about Jesus gathered here by the author of Luke.  They include warnings about coming hardships and consequences for those who deliberately create these hardships, the work of repairing relationships, measuring faith, living faithfully to one’s responsibilities, and the healing of ten lepers.  These stories address several intersections between our faith and our living, and raise more questions than they answer, which is consistent with the teachings of Jesus.  He seemed more interested in provoking thinking and talking about right living than in offering simple, easy rules to follow.

If we do not examine, question or wrestle with our faith, then our beliefs lack the power they need to shape our living.  And this is unfortunate.  Faith can make the difference between a life of despair and a life filled with hope, a life going nowhere and a life reaching for abundance of purpose and achievement.  Embracing the fullness of the intersections between faith and our lives enhances the beauty and depth of our living.

Faith matters.

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