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Pentecost Pondering II

“Day by day, as they spent much time together in the temple, they broke bread at home[b] and ate their food with glad and generous hearts.” – Acts 2:46

It’s Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday. The sun is shining, the temperature is nice, and it feels like a nice day. On a Tuesday. After a long weekend where the rain seemed to start early Friday, and gloomy continued right on through until… today. Did I mention snow? As some of my friends have remarked, crummy weather often goes hand-in-hand with what Canadians refer to as the first weekend of summer. It is what it is, but it also goes to show that careful planning can always get sidetracked by external events. I suspect that many of you may have had designs for getting gardens in or perhaps going camping, I also suspect that many of you had to adjust your plans. I know we did.

A few weeks ago, Ken Reeson, our Past Chair of the Board and now current chair of Stewardship and Welcoming, went to a workshop led by David Armour, President of the United Church of Canada’s Foundation.  Ken shared Dave’s top 10 tips for churches. This morning, two of those tips really stood out for me. Number 5 was “Be Nimble” and number 2 was “be flexible.” These are directed, of course, at congregations, but I suspect how well we did or didn’t do this past weekend may have depended upon how nimble and flexible we might have been when the weather turned sour. I think it’s great advice.

As a congregation, being nimble and flexible allows us to respond to the needs of the community around us, and to be able to do so in a timely fashion. This past week, a neighbour of ours knocked on our door, asking about using some of our facilities for “Neighbour Day” on June 18th. This is an official day designated by the City of Calgary where people can get to know their neighbours by hosting a block party, a barbecue on the front lawn, or any host of activities suggested through the city. Not only is this a good idea, we’ve made the executive decision that St. Matthew’s is going to participate officially as part of the neighbourhood. I will be here for that event, and as the day approaches, I hope to have some more details.

This is a fantastic opportunity, and it is showing that God is indeed up to something. We consciously made the decision as a Board to be more active in the community, and suddenly an opportunity to be more active in the community materialized on our doorstep. I am hoping that we can respond to more opportunities like this as they arise. The Holy Spirit is indeed opening doors!

Yours in Christ,


Upcoming Events

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls Seminar – Mondays at 7:15pm– Main Sanctuary
    • Week 3: The Scrolls in the Puzzle of History – May 30th/
    • In cooperation with the Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners (CALL), I am offering a short course/seminar on the Dead Sea Scrolls. It began last week, and continues today on 5 more sessions on Mondays from 7:15 to about 9pm. If you’re interested in joining me in this course/seminar, please email me to let me know. There is an optional online component that I am also developing that will also be helpful for those who may need to miss a session.
  • Neighbour Day! – Saturday June 18th, 2016 – 3-6pm.
    • As I mentioned, our neighbours are organizing an event for Calgary’s Neighbour Day, and St. Matt’s is getting in on it. More details to follow!
  • Spirituals Sunday – June 19th, 2016
    • The choir is just starting to prepare for our annual Spirituals Sunday set to take place on Sunday, June 19th. Watch this space for more information!
  • Congregational Membership Classes
    • If you or someone you know would like to formalize membership with St. Matthew’s, I am hoping to run a membership class in the next few months. If you are interested, please email me, call me at the church, or speak with me directly on Sunday mornings.

Church Office Hours

Wendy’s regular office hours are Mondays, 11am-3pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday from 9am-3pm.

My regular office hours are Sunday through Thursdays from 9:00 to 12:30. While I am likely to be in the office in the afternoons Monday through Thursday, I may also be out on pastorals visits or meetings.


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