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Pentecost Ponderings: A Lament for a Mentor

“Well done, good and faithful servant.” – Matthew 25:21

Today I am in mourning for a mentor of mine.

The Rev. Dr. Tony Plomp died on Saturday after a long illness. When I was at Vancouver School of Theology, he was minister at Richmond Presbyterian Church, where I chose to attend and participate while living in the lower mainland. He was a mentor both informally, as well as in a formal sense as Richmond was my official field placement in my final year at VST. I would dare say that of all my mentors, he was perhaps the most influential on who I am as a minister. I would fill far too many pages here if I were to list all of the things that Tony taught me about theology and ministry, both explicitly and implicitly. He was one of those types of people who raised the integrity of the room by walking into it. I remember once when I was preparing for a supervised sermon at Richmond, where he impressed on me the importance of what we do in the pulpit. Whenever I place a stole across my shoulders as I put on my Alb on Sunday mornings, I do so saying a short prayer for wisdom. Tony inspired that.

There’s an article that Tony wrote a little over a year ago about his diagnosis that might give you an insight into the man and mentor I mourn:

I think for me, my hope is to emulate just a modicum of Tony’s faith and integrity, and allow that to live on in me as a tangible sign of resurrection. Go with God Tony, may Christ grant you rest and peace at the last.


Upcoming Events

  • Thanksgiving at the Sundial Apartments for Calgary Drop-in Centre – Wednesday, October 5th
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    • The time commitment will be from 4pm to approximately 7-7:30pm.
    • Please contact myself or Scott at if you would like to volunteer.
    • This is a one-shot outreach event that we have been invited to participate in and help with, we will need volunteers to commit in helping out with this soon.
  • Richard the Third
    • Wayne Valleau is once again offering a course on one of Shakespeare’s plays. This time, he leans historical, offering to take us through Richard III starting Monday, September 19th at 10:00am.
  • Christianity, the First 1000 years.
    • Starting October 17th, this course will explore the first 1000 years of Christianity, from its formation as a sect of Judaism to the circumstances leading up to the infamous Crusades.
  • Brenda’s House – Treasure Trunk outreach.
    • Starting on November 12th, we are beginning an ongoing outreach program with the nearby Brenda’s House.
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    • If you’re interested, please contact myself, Wendy, or Shaundra Carvey and we can provide additional details.
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