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Pentecost Ponderings: Missing the Mark

I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.Romans 7:15

My first day back and I have forgotten my keys.

At least for the first part of this missive I am sitting in my car waiting for Marco to return from an errand. I suppose it shows that I had a reasonably relaxing vacation in that my usual habit of checking my pockets for my church keys didn’t happen this morning. I didn’t lose them either, I know exactly where they are. They’re sitting in an empty candle holder near my bed, deliberately placed there to allow me to take time off, and yet in a place where I could easily remember them. Sigh. I’m glad Marco was there to open thing up for me. Hopefully I’ll remember my key tomorrow morning!

I take it as a point of consolation that even when we do miss the mark, God’s grace fills in the gaps. Paul was perhaps being unusually harsh on himself and on human nature, but he was making the point that we aren’t alone in this. In those times that we aren’t feeling that we are doing our best, God is with us in those moments. It’s a reminder that as human beings and as a church, we don’t always live up to our own expectations, but we aren’t alone in this: God’s grace helps us to move forward. A humbling thought to be sure.

Still, it is good to be back in the office even if it feels like I’m trying to start an old car motor on a cold day. There is a lot happening this fall at St. Matthew’s, and I’m looking forward to getting back into it. I have a number of registrations in my email inbox for my upcoming exploration of the first 1000 years of Christianity that starts October 17th. Like the Dead Sea Scrolls course, it is in partnership with the Calgary and Area Lifelong Learners (CALL), but is open to anyone who is interested. I’ll include more in later letters.

As of today, both Wendy and I are back in the office with our regular hours. It is good to be back.

Yours in Christ,


Upcoming Events

  • Summer Worship Continues
    • Our summer worship services continue on every week, Sunday mornings at 10:30am. We have a number of events coming up this fall, but in the meantime, enjoy the summer, take time to rest and recharge!
  • Christianity, the First 1000 years.
    • Starting October 17th, this course will explore the first 1000 years of Christianity, from its formation as a sect of Judaism to the circumstances leading up to the infamous Crusades.
  • Congregational Membership Classes
    • If you or someone you know would like to formalize membership with St. Matthew’s, I am hoping to run a membership class in the next few months. If you are interested, please email me, call me at the church, or speak with me directly on Sunday mornings.

Church Office Hours

  • Wendy’s regular office hours are Mondays, 11am-3pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday from 9am-3pm.
  • My regular office hours are Sunday through Thursdays from 9:00 to 12:30. While I am likely to be in the office in the afternoons Monday through Thursday, I may also be out on pastorals visits or meetings.

If you do not wish to receive these emails, please email me at



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