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Pentecost Ponderings X

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people.Luke 2:10

Fear, it seems, is a base instinct. It comes out of the natural sense of self-preservation. In the right doses it can tell us that standing in the path of an oncoming train, or poking a bear with a stick may not be good for our long-term health. Some animals entire physiology is built around fear. You may not know this, but among the menagerie of pets we have at our house, we have two domestic rabbits. A rabbit is a prey animal, and right down to its cute little nose, it knows it. They have oversized ears and eyes that can detect threats coming from all directions, a nose that is far more sensitive than a bloodhound, and large oversized legs to allow them to flee instantly from the many threats around them. The hitch is, sometimes they can be so overwhelmed with fear, a paralysis can set in, and all those natural gifts are for naught. In an organized society, fear can have some truly detrimental effects, and people can do some truly horrible things to one another if we let fear take over.

As I have said before, the opposite of faith is fear, not doubt. There are so many passages in the Bible where God tells us, “do not be afraid” but very few, if any, that chide us for our doubts. Waking up this morning, the news screams of headlines drenched in fear. Yet really, we live in the most peaceful time in human history. In some ways, I take it as a comfort that we do genuinely mourn for a handful of lives lost in acts of violence in the world. I have to remind myself that 70-75 years ago the world was a very different and far more vicious place. FDR once said “the only thing we have to fear but fear itself.” I think his advice is as strong today as it was when he first uttered them in 1933. Fear can lead ordinary people to do extraordinarily evil things. Demagogues have for thousands of years capitalized on the fears of people, but in the end that course inevitably leads in destructive directions.

I take it as a matter of faith to look past fear, and to see the good in the world. I take it as a matter of faith to wake up and to try to not let fear get the better of me. God has called us to be a part of the world, to not be afraid, to love our enemies, to realize our neighbours are every human being on the planet. My words of optimism for you as I get ready to go on vacation!

Yours in Christ,


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