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Potential New Worship Services at St. Matthew’s

In this transition time, as we move from where we were to were God is calling us in the future, we are testing out a variety of initiatives, and appreciate feed back from whomever is prepared to offer it.

We would like to have one or more additional services during the week and I am considering the following options.

My preferred times for these would be Sunday afternoon about 4 or 5 pm or Sunday evening about 7 pm or Wednesday evening about 7 or 7:30 pm, or Saturday evening. There are many styles of worship services.

A simple prayer service would have little or no music, some scripture reading, prayers, and sharing with or without a short message. It could early morning like the Easter Sunrise service, mid day or evening.

Messy Church includes a meal, music, prayers, scripture, shared activities, and possibly a message. This would probably work best on a Saturday evening and be aimed at families. Naked Faith, which next meets on April 18 at St. Matthews, is a youth and young adult focused gathering, with similar elements.

Worship Jam: a theme is picked and people are invited to bring whatever musical gifts they wish to a service that is a blend of music, scripture, sharing, discussion, prayer, and, maybe, a message. There is usually an inclusion of some videos or powerpoints.

Baby Boomer Service (usually called Contemporary, though it is really mostly contemporary for baby boomers): music including praise music, scripture, drama, dance, prayers, message with electronic complements.

Messier Church: meal, music is whatever individuals bring, high participation by anyone present who wants to share, scripture may be pre-chosen or chosen by one or more participants, prayers, chosen silence, activities such as art or drama, possible message or message and responses to the message.

Vespers: acapella music, scripture, prayers

All of these would have a closing / commissioning.

Possible Locations: Entrance, outside in nice weather including the park, Bethel Room, Library, multi-purpose room.

I am very interested in your feedback on what you might like to experience and/or help lead.

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