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Prayer Shawls and Chemo-Caps

Everybody goes through times of stress, serious illness or medical treatment. Times when you could use a little love, a little comfort wrapped around you.

Volunteer knitters here at St. Matthew’s knit shawls and caps to present to the Children’s Hospital and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, as well as to comfort members of the congregation in addition to  friends and family in other cities. Anyone, anywhere who could use a little love,  just let us know.

Knitters modeling shawls

Marg Spreadbury, Jean Roney
Elvee Fenning, Mona Johnson, Doris Whittingham, Myrle Duncan,( Loris Neff and Linda Payne absent)

After Doris Whittingham experienced the comfort of a shawl presented to her by friends from another congregation she started a similar program here in 2008. Over the years eighteen knitters have prepared 238 shawls, and 173 caps to warm the heads of those undergoing chemotherapy.

Along with the physical comfort these hand-knit items provide, they come with an extra dose of love and care as completed shawls and chemo-caps are brought forward to a dedication service to receive the following Prayer of Blessing:

May God’s grace be upon these shawls and chemo-caps….
Warming, comforting, enfolding and embracing.
May each mantle be a safe haven–
A sacred place of security and well-being,
Sustaining and embracing in good time as well as difficult ones.

Each shawl and cap has the following printed prayer included with it:

May the ones who receive these shawls and caps be
Cradled in hope,
Kept in joy,
Graced with peace,
And wrapped in love.
Blessed be!

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