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Prayers and Solidarity for Parkdale, Ottawa

While I take Fridays as my day off, there are on occasions where something happens that I can’t let pass without at least some comment or prayer. Today is one of those days.

While browsing Twitter this morning, I noted that “Parkdale United Church” was trending. When I followed it up, I discovered that Parkdale United Church in Ottawa had been vandalized overnight with highly racist graffiti. They’re not the only place of worship that got hit, as the Ottawa Muslim Association’s office was similarly targeted. Earlier in the week three other places in Ottawa were hit, and Parkdale was apparently vandalized earlier in January of this year.

I have sent a message of solidarity, indicating our prayers and love for our brothers and sisters in Christ at Parkdale United Church, and their minister, the Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey. I would ask you to also pray, not only for Parkdale, but for all the places of worship, be they Christian, Jewish, or Islamic, that they not be intimidated but such cowardly acts, and that we might respond with solidarity against anyone who would seek to divide us.

Yours in Christ,


For the full news report from CBC, here’s the link:

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