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Preparing for Holy Week

I need to start off with a Lenten confession by apologizing for not keeping this section of the website updated. I post sermons every week, but I have been as good at keeping up with these posts and reflections. Jim Kenney was far better at it than I, and consider it an Easter resolution that I’m going to try to keep this a bit more up to date.

Speaking of which, Holy Week is now six days away. While our schedule of services aren’t as heavy as some other congregations, the choir has been working hard preparing John Bertalot’s musical treatment of the Passion. It’s a modern composition, the text is from Mark 15:1-37 from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible first published in 1989. The music alternates between well-known hymns from Holy Week, and Bertalot’s own work, making for a powerful re-telling of the Passion story.

This coming Sunday is most often referred to as “Palm” Sunday –the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem with much fanfare and celebration. At the same time, the Sunday before Easter can also be called “Passion” Sunday, where not only is the entry into Jerusalem marked, but also a recounting of the events of the following week. Given that not everyone can attend the Good Friday service, there is some wisdom to touching on Christ’s passion before returning the following Sunday for Easter.

Holy Week services include Good Friday at 10:30am, and our Easter service at our regular worship time of 10:30am, which will include Handel’s “Hallelujah!” Chorus.

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