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Redefining Success: Posting 3 – Priorities

After some painful and challenging experiences, W. Brett Wilson set the following priorities for his life:
1. Health (Physical, Emotional, Mental) – without good health, our capacity to meet other priorities is diminished
2. Family – a sustainable life needs solid family relationships
3. Friends – friends are important in every way from health through to career and community connections and effectiveness
4. Education – learn as much as we can all the time to increase our capacity in all parts of our lives
5. Career
6. Community – what we are able to contribute to our communities depends on how well we do in meeting our other priorities
For the education part, he listed 4 websites he finds extremely helpful and his own as a resource. These are his top 5 websites:

The toughest priority for me is the one about friends. I read a post on another site yesterday or Tuesday about how the majority of people in ministry find making and maintaining friendships an important issue for them. In part I believe that is because it is a calling where we spend very little time with our peers. When I am teaching, I can connect with several other teachers while I am at school. In church, I need to make arrangements to meet with other clergy, and it is challenging to carve out mutually agreeable time to do this. Many of us, like myself, are introverts, so this adds to the challenge.

I felt very challenged by him regarding continuing education — I have always made some time for this, but he makes time for it just about every day. I am interested in your comments on his priorities.

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