Reminders and Updates

There are many things happening at St. Matthew’s, some because of the time of year, some as part of getting ready for a change in ministry. Here are some of what is happening now.

1. Special Dates: we are in the process of compiling a database for the members and friends of St. Matthew’s. We are hoping to see St. Matthew’s grow over the coming years, and growth threatens feeling personally connected and important as it increases the challenge of providing care for its members. We would like to be better able to recognize the special dates in the lives of our members, and are creating a congregational calendar in which your important dates are included. If you have not already done so, please reply to this e-mail with the dates (birthdays, anniversaries, baptism, confirmation, deaths of loved ones, etc.) that are important to you. Please include your name/names and the event being recognized.

2. This coming Friday is our Games Night. The next, and last one for now, will be May 30. The time is 7:00 pm, and activities include ping pong, card games, board games, and any you would like to add.

3. Sunday, May 4 is our last Coffee House with Paul Rumbolt. If the weather is favourable, we will hold it outside our main entrance to the sanctuary. It also starts at 7:00 pm.

4. Our next Family Fun Night will be How Does Your Garden Grown?, and it will be on Friday, May 9, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

5. Sunday, May 11, is Mother’s Day which we will be celebrating in our traditional way.

6. Our next Board Meeting will be Tuesday, May 13. One of the main items on the agenda for this meeting will be creating a list of priorities for maintenance and upgrades for St. Matthew’s. Items currently being considered include:

a) new front doors for the main church entrance;

b) from 1 to 3 new lifts between the sanctuary, main entrance, coat room, and Fitzgerald Hall — the last lift would require remodelling Fitzgerald Hall to create needed space at the bottom of the stairway;

c) continuing upgrades to our lighting in Fitzgerald Hall and elsewhere in the building as we transition to LED lighting — one bank was done in Fitzgerald Hall;

d) painting and other repairs to our exterior;

e) upgrade or replacement for our heating system — this will be a large ticket item, and probably not on our list for this year, but one that will need attention soon as we would rather replace it on our timetable than having one or more failures requiring emergency and probably expensive and less than optimal major expenditures.

f) replacement of one or more toilets’

g) repairs to the new windows on the west side of the office area — these have been requested and a tradesman is preparing to make these repairs within the next 2 months when weather permits.

If you have items you would like added to our list, please reply to through our website or talk to one of our board members.

7. New, New Testament: continues on Wednesdays at 7:00 in Multipurpose Room (the old nursery)

8. Library: I am presently sorting through material in the library: some will be going to recycling; some will be going to book sales; and some will be staying — if you would like any of the books or references that are there, please check them out. Donations for books you decide to take are gladly received. For those who do not know where the library is, it is at the top of the flight of stairs north of the office.

Our Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise, and Easter services went well.

Easter season extends from Easter Sunday through to the Saturday before Pentecost Sunday, June 8. May this season of hopeful planting and life bursting forth again from the ground and the trees be a time for you rich with beauty, hope and joy.



  1. Lynda says

    Hi Jim – I’m not the authority on this but it is my understanding that we are not allowed to collect information on things like birthdays etc. Privacy legislation now prevents this. Now, I may be misinformed on this but it is something I would want to find out about before asking for this info. I am 99% sure that if you DO have this info you can’t use it without permission. I would be particularly careful with children’s information. And I don’t see how you can publish a calendar of this information and keep it confidential.

    Anyway, if it was me, I’d check with someone before proceeding.



    • Jim Kenney says

      Hi Lynda,

      It will not be a published calendar — just one for reference by the office or the minister. Good points!


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