Finding Hope

Luke 24:1-12 Resurrection is about finding hope, seeing what’s right with the world when everyone else sees what’s wrong. It is an attitude, and orientation, an outlook that moves us past dwelling on what’s wrong with the world around us. Resurrection is about what’s right, what the new opportunities are…...

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What we deserve?

Text: Luke 13:1-9 There’s a German term word that has no real parallel in English, although I think many of us are familiar with the concept. It’s called Schadenfreude, in short it means gloating at somebody else’s bad luck. I think all of us at some point or another are...

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A Call for Transformation

Texts: Luke 13:31-35 & Genesis 15:1-12; 17-18 Repent! Now there’s a loaded term! It’s one of those church-y type words that we hear used an awful lot, but nobody really seems to know what it means. From Acts: “Repent and be baptized, all of you!” From the first three gospels:...

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