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Trinity Sunday, May 26

Humans try to put everything into neat word and idea boxes, and succeed at capturing caricatures of many things.  The ancient Hebrews recognized human language and human created images were inadequate for describing or defining God, and this recognition is found in the commandment not to create images of anything or bow down to these images.  This would include images like the Bible, much to the discomfort of many dedicated religious people.

The experience of Jesus broke through the walls of boxes that had accumulated over the centuries in spite of the commandment about images, yet people, for comfort’s sake, still needed something they use for describing God,  Over 200 years this evolved into the theology of the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  A You Tube video, St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies, points to the difficulties of explaining the unexplainable.

The important thing to me about the Trinity is the affirmation that, however I may need to meet God, that is where God is prepared to meet me.

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