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Unshakeable Kingdom August 25, 2013

It is normal to resist change and desire change at the same time.  For most groups of people such as families, churches or communities, each person has an individual list of what should not be changed, what must not be changed, what should change and what must change, and this creates the context for conflict that is a normal part of any healthy group of people, as long as discussion and negotiation are part of the process. 

Unfortunately or fortunately for us,  God and events do not often allow us the luxury of deliberately choosing all our changes.  One of the themes in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures is that God is working to bring us to a world where love rules and peace prevails, the peace of abundance for everyone.  Human greed, hate, fear and arrogance have interfered with this process for thousands of years, and continues to be the primary barrier to this kind of world.  Once we are there it will be an unshakeable kingdom, but until then, God will keep shaking the world as it is, whether we like it or not.

Our task as followers of Jesus is to recognize the what, how and why of the shaking that is happening, and work to advance generosity, love, hope, and confidence in the midst of that shaking.


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