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Volunteer Opportunities at Brenda’s House

I just met with Linda McLean, the Volunteer Coordinator at Brenda’s House to learn about volunteer opportunities there. Brenda’s House is a program designed to move homeless families into their own homes and have had 500 families in the last 5 years move from being homeless through a short-term stay in their shelter into homes of their own.

Most of the volunteer opportunities are for short periods of time from once a month or less up to every week. For example, volunteers bring bread from the Westhills Cobs every second Friday to Brenda’s House after Cobs closes at 7:00 pm. Another two or three people with a larger vehicle are needed to do this once every 6 weeks or so. They are setting up a schedule for repainting the rooms used by the families and need a team of 4 to do this. They are hoping to do one or two rooms a month, and a particular group of volunteers might just do this once. It would take about 3 to 4 hours during one day to do this.
Additional volunteers to help serve the evening meal, help in the kitchen during the day, help with childcare, or help with yard work are also needed. They would like to set up a small garden space with a non-wood raised bed.

If you would to help make a difference in the lives of families who are transitioning from having nothing or next to nothing to healthier lives in their homes, please contact Linda through the Children’s Cottage Society website at

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