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Wha? August Already?

Not only is it August, but it’s August 7th. Time, it seems, gets away from us. I’ve been here now for more than a month!

Yesterday we had unexpected guests from two different ends of the country. People we had not seen in a long time, who were passing through Calgary on their way to somewhere else. The visit has been a good one, but it meant dropping all the things that we were currently working on in order to be good hosts. I’ve had no lack of projects, either.

Since last week, I have been slowly working on building a patio for our house. First, getting measurements down, and then starting to construct things. The same day our guests arrived, a large truck dumped 5,000lbs of gravel and sand on our front driveway. This will be the bed for our patio. Yet, at least for the moment, I had to let things sit while attending to the more important thing: building our relationships with long-time friends.


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