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Which Crowd? April 21, 2013

There are scenes in the Book of Revelations in which crowds are gathered around the throne of God, singing praise to God.  One of the crowds includes people who have suffered greatly because of their faith.

There are many crowds in this world, and our crowd is determined by many factors including many of the choices we make.  Some crowds make it easy for us to behave at our worst, and some crowds encourage us to give our best.  Many crowds  are places we can be comfortable and not bother thinking too much about the consequences of what we are doing.  Sometimes we are trapped in a crowd by circumstances or decisions that have gone wrong.

Revelations was written to encourage people experiencing persecution and doubts to persist in their lives as members of particular faith communities, and to be more faithful according to the author’s definition of what is required of true followers of Jesus.

Tomorrow, which crowd today would we see as the right choice?  How about next year?  Finally, at the time of our funeral, which crowds do we want the people present to highlight as part of our life’s journey.  Which crowd will help me the most to get to where I want to got?

Each decision we make each day takes us in the direction of a particular crowd.  Which decisions will help us get to where we want to be?

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