Collaborative Mission and Capital Planning Project

Dear Friends in Christ,

The Board of St. Matthew’s has recently embarked upon a Collaborative Mission and Capital Planning Project in connection with St. Andrew’s Regional Ministries. This process will be an extensive exploration of our mission in our community, as well as an extensive examination of our physical assets, and how best to make use of our resources to faithfully live out Christ’s mission, and adapt to the changing environment around us. The Rev. Joel Den Haan, Director of St. Andrew’s Regional Ministries, will be leading us through a methodical process, the first stage of which will take place between May and September.

Stage One involves a Learning Group and the Board exploring our community by reaching out to and making contact with government agencies, community groups, non-profit and for-profit organizations in our area of Southwest Calgary. This helps us understand the ongoing and changing needs in our community. While we have done some of this recently, especially with our partnership with Brenda’s House, this process is much more comprehensive, and it also will take into account the new Area Redevelopment Plan that the City of Calgary has set into motion.

Stage One also includes an examination of our physical assets. However, this is not a dry inventory of the building, rooms, and furniture, but rather includes a fun process called “CSI” or “Church Symbols Inventory.” It will helps us explore and understand the spiritual and emotional meanings behind our material space. We get to tell the stories of the windows, or the paintings in the narthex, the story behind the colour in the sanctuary, or how the choir came to be where they are now.

All of this brings together the big picture, looking at who we are, what the community needs, and how to be the best stewards we can be in living out of our vision of Connecting People, Growing in Faith, and Creating Caring Community.

Following our Spirituals Service on Sunday, June 10th, Joel Den Haan will make a presentation to the congregation to introduce the process. He will also report on some of the preliminary work that will have already been done by then, and answer any questions that you might have.

Please keep all our work together in your prayers.


Yours in Christ,


The Rev. John Crowdis
On behalf of the Board of St. Matthew’s