Palm Sunday – April 5th 2020 – Online Worship Resources

Holy Week dawns with Palm Sunday, and we have a home worship service to share!

The above link is a  home-liturgy, complete with music, readings, prayers, and my reflection for Palm Sunday and Holy Week. It is a “PDF” which means that most, if not all of you, should be able to open and read it. Please download it and open it as you read the rest of this email!
The written prayers are for you to read, either out loud, or to yourself. You will also notice that there are underlined link texts in the document, which when you reach that point in the service, please click on the link that is there. You may need to click a button that says “Allow” in order for the link to connect, but once you do, it will take you either to YouTube, where you can watch/listen to that part of the service, or to Bible Gateway where you can read the scripture reading.
This service includes a video from Steve Komar, that includes a walk down the aisle at St. Matthew’s, two hymns, a music reflection, and a postlude. Each of them I have set up a timestamp so that if you click on it in the document, it’ll take you to the right spot in the video with Steve. My suggestion is that you pause the video from Steve between each section. My reflection, as well as the New Creed, are also links included in the order of service.
Just in case they don’t work, I’ve included all the links at the end of this email. If you have trouble, you can always email as well.
I have also included an offering prayer in the order of service. We are grateful for your ongoing support for St. Matthew’s, as while we may not be worshipping in person in St. Matthew’s together, the work of the church continues.  Again, here are a few ways to continue your support where there’s no opportunity to do so in person. The following are four methods that you may use:
  • The first is to simply mail your envelopes to the church (please use cheques, not cash):
    • St. Matthew’s United Church 2035 26A St. SW Calgary, AB T3E 2B9
  • You can use e-transfer through online banking. Using online banking, send the e-transfer to the church office email:
    • Wendy has set this up so that no password code is required, making it easier.
  • You can also give to St. Matthew’s online through CanadaHelps. As we are a registered charity, it is automatically set up through our charitable status number.
  • Lastly, we can also receive your offerings through PayPal using the donations link on our website. You can find the direct link here:

Just in case those links don’t work for you in the attached document, you can find them here:

Links as they appear in the Order of Service:
I hope you find this meaningful as we begin Holy Week from home. We may not feel like we can walk with Jesus in the same way, but know that God walks with us in Jesus, no matter where we find ourselves.
Yours in Christ,
PS: In addition to my own sermon, Sarah has posted hers for St. Andrew’s, Lacombe. You may find the link for it here: