How we Connect with God

Text: Romans 5:1-5 Some of you might remember me sharing this story. When I was a student in Vancouver, I offered to run a Bible study at the church that I was presently attending. I was still in school, studying for my M.Div. and thought that this might be a...

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Divine Inspiration?

For Ascension Sunday 2019 Text: Ephesians: 1:15-23 Tomorrow marks the last night of my most recent seminar: “The Challenge of the Historical Jesus.” It’s been well attended, the questions have been good, and it’s timely that it comes to an end right around the time where as Christians we celebrate...

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By the River

Acts 16:9-15 Mountains have a reputation of being holy places, singularly unique locations where people have encounters with the divine. It happened with Moses, Elijah, Jesus… There are numerous stories throughout the Bible that talk about these encounters with the Holy in high places… powerful, transformative encounters… and yet there...

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Looking Ahead

evelation 21:1-6 I remember when I was in Cornwall, where the Annual General Meetings were an occasion where the congregation stayed away in droves. Seriously… on the one Sunday where people could come and participate in the life and work of the congregation, there was a more-than-measurable dip in the...

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