A Shoot from the Stump

Isaiah 11:1-10 Re-thinking the root.  Whenever we hear or read stories out of the Bible, we do so with the default settings of our own experiences layered over on them. Chances are, if we listen to the opening chapter of Genesis we probably envision the earth in the story as...

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In Days to Come

Isaiah 2:1-5 ~ Waiting Marked by Hope ‘Soon’ is very much the theme of this Advent season we’ve just begun. It’s not the season of Christmas, nor is it the season of ‘now’; Advent is the season of ‘soon’. ‘Soon’ is not a definite timetable. It’s not something you can...

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In Awe of God

Text: Ecclesiastes 3:9-22 If any of you have every tried to read Ecclesiastes all the way through, you may have found it to be a frustrating and maybe circular read. Its observations about life can certainly come across as being far more cynical and jaded than other parts of the...

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