The Rev. John Crowdis B.A., M.Div.

John has served at St. Matthew’s since July of 2014. Originally ordained in the Presbyterian Church in Canada, John has returned to the roots that were always there. A Calgary native, John attended St. Thomas United Church as a child, but as the son of an organist, he jokes that he would attend “wherever the gig was.” As such, he was baptized at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, attended a community church in Huntington Hills, St. Thomas, and then during his formative years at Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church, where he felt his call to ministry. John attended seminary at the Vancouver School of Theology alongside many United Church students.

John was ordained in 1997, and has served in Cornwall, Ontario, as a University Chaplain in London, Ontario, and then in Mississauga, Ontario before moving back to Calgary with his wife the Rev. Sarah Fanning, and daughter Megan in early 2012. John began the process to join the United Church as a part of that move, and served at United Church in short-term appointments Stettler and Drumheller before coming to St. Matthew’s. Shortly after his arrival at St. Matthew’s, their son Ian was born.

John enjoys his work with St. Matthew’s along with all of its joys and attendant challenges, and looks forward to what God has in store!